Hey Everyone!

Welcome to my blog and podcast site! It’s your girl, Shae.Carrey, and I am here to take you on so many journeys, you’ll start seeing your life change for the better. But first, a little background on me and why I started this blog and podcast. Podcast will be posted soon so please keep watch!

My name is Shae.Carrey and I am a 26-year-old, natural hair wielding, high self-esteem having, movie and tv connoisseur lover of the arts and graduate student (with only a few weeks left!). I consider myself someone with their life together, but boy has it been a long and tiresome journey to get here. I dibble dabble in just about everything: I bake, I make-up, I twerk, I educate, I learn, I funny, I geek, I nerd, I hair, I fashion, I read, I write, I travel, I host, I friend, I encourage, I support, I speak, I podcast, I plan, I party, and most importantly, I work on my growth.

I aim to be a director, producer, and writer for films and television shows, with my main interests being sci-fi and drama mystery genres. I also want to have my own talk show and that’s where my podcast comes into play. As a little black girl, it was very important to me to know that I could grow up to do it all; but for a while there I didn’t think I was going to live long enough to see my life flourish. After lots of bumps and potholes and curved lines in the road, however, I am finally realizing that I can no longer let fear hold me back.

So after plenty of practice, much-needed encouragement, and the inspiring representation of Oprah Winfrey, Queen Latifah, Crissle, the ladies of Yes, Girl!, the hosts of The Real, and many others, I have decided to start this blog and podcast. I firmly believe we are never done growing and even if our lives are at their best, we can always learn something or offer guidance and become the role models we needed when we were younger. This way of thinking has allowed for my mental health to start going in the right direction and or me to start wanting to be better.

I will be giving out ideas, recipes, and tips for crafts, baking and cooking recipes, natural remedies, natural hair and face masks, travel, budgeting, meal prep, advice of all kinds, how to align your mental wellbeing with where you want to be in life, and much more. I am here to document and learn from my journey, help you on yours, and move us all towards our best selves and future.

That is to say this …

The truth shall be revealed, received, examined, questioned, and it will not be sugar-coated! Stay Sweet!

– Shae.Carrey


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